VENTURE Funding Program

VENTURE Funding Program

We help early-stage tech companies GET FUNDED

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We are working with startups and scale-ups from all across the globe and rely on our international private, corporate, and venture capital investors network. Our Program is designed for early-stage companies focused on building and delivering to market an Outstanding Product or Process Innovation. Although we have the most expertise in Fintech, eCommerce, and SaaS, we are also open to consider technology projects with high market potential from many other business verticals.

Startups at any stage from Building of MVP, Testing of Proof of Concept, to Validating Product-Market Fit are all encouraged to apply and take part of this most exciting Fast-Growth Endeavor. Among our main acceptance criteria are Committed Founders, Novelty of the Idea, as well as Potential for High and Sustainable Impact addressing existing Social, Environmental, or Technological challenges.

Acceleration Benefits

As part of our Program we provide a full-stack Fundraising & Acceleration support including Investment Preparation, Project Valuation, Investor Relations, Terms Negotiations, and Deal Syndication. We leverage on our professional expertise, business network, and specialized resources in order to execute effectively together with you each stage of the fundraising process from Proofing of your Project Concept to Closing of the Funding Round.

Program Scope

NOVATORs Program is focused on Accelerated Startup Growth and incorporates the most essential phases of any successful Fundraising journey. We commit to maximize your chances of getting funded by investing extra efforts at the core of your Funding Round Preparation:

Phase 1: Diligence

We will analyze and score 100 projects completely FREE of charge, no strings attached!
You will receive a time-slot for a Pro-Bono feedback session and a one-page evaluation report
with tailored advice how to improve your chances of success.


Phase 2 - 3: Research & Planning

After 360° preliminary Screening, we dive deep into Financial Modelling, Fine-Tuning of your Business Model and Strategic Market Positioning.

Phase 4 - 5: Fundraising and Closing of Investment

Once Investor-ready, we fully focus on Structuring your Funding Round, Identifying and Onboarding potential Investors to secure Growth Funds.

We will short-list 10 startups to join our 2021 VENTURE Funding Program and get FUNDED!In addition to securing LEAD investors to all 10 projects, we will Co-invest 100% of our profit
with the Winner, selected by our investment team 


Application Process

Our intake for 2021 Venture Funding Program has the following timeline:

Open for Applications

Ongoing / In progress

Screening Candidates

Ongoing / In progress

Closing Investment

To be announced

Still not sure if you qualify? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions section for more insight into our Program.

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