Co-offices for Startup teams

Co-offices for Startup teams

Private Co-working

We at NOVATOR are supporting startups in various ways - not only with smart advice but also with physical means! We understand that entrepreneurs need their own private and creative space where they can bond with team-members and where new ideas can grow and flourish! On the other hand, supporting your own office with team space and meeting rooms might be not only expensive but also quite tough and distracting. 

  • Do you need your own private place to run your business? 
  • Do you often look for a meeting place to welcome your clients & business partners?
  • Do you find it hard to bond with team-members while always working from home? 

Welcome to Co-office Novator

Come and join our Co-office space! We provide you with: 
  • Personal room or team rooms in any size between 2 and 8 people - Your own private space to boost your creativity!  
  • Bright conference room fully suited for team meetings, business presentations, and brainstorming - One door away, whenever you may need it!
  • Amazing location at the heartbeat of Sofia Startup Hub - Just about 5 walking minutes away from Serdika riuns & main subway station!
And there's so much more: 
  • Fully equipped kitchen and WC rooms inclusive of shared toiletries
  • High-speed fiber-optic LAN / Wifi in all rooms, Access control system, Central video monitoring, and Security alarm
  • Motorbike parking spot just in front and a special room to accommodate your favorite bicycle! :)
You focus on your business, while we take care of:
  • Utility bills, such as central heating, electricity, water supply;
  • Regular housekeeping and daily office management; 
  • Keeping team spirit up with planned fun & collaboration meetings with the other teams sharing our Co-office space! :)

All-size Co-offices for your team

Freelance room 
/1-2 people/

Small team room
/3-4 people/

Mid-size team room
/4-5 people/

Large team room
/6-8 people/

Not sure if you like Co-office Novator? Come and work for free for a week or two before you decide to check-in!

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