Financing and prototyping for technology projects

Financing and prototyping for technology projects

Do you have an idea for a digital innovation or technology project for which you are looking for funding? Or maybe you have identified a free niche as an opportunity for online business?

❗ JOIN THE FREE DIGITAL PRODUCT LAB WEBINAR on 26.05.2021, at 12:00 to find out:

  • how to turn your idea into a product before someone else has realized it
  • how to attract financing for your business
  • what level of readiness a project must have in order to be interesting for investors
  • what sources of funding are appropriate for technology projects
  • what are the stages of funding and how to prepare for them.

NOVATOR & WebMotion join forces to tell you about the path from the idea to the financing of technological innovations and how prototyping can catalyze the process.


✔️5 steps to turn an idea into a product desired by consumers 
✔️How prototyping can help attract funding
✔️Financing opportunities and which are suitable for your project, according to its type and stage of development
✔️Types of venture financing, types of investors, stages of financing, etc.

The event is FREE but requires pre-registration here. An access link for the online meeting will be sent to the registered participants by the day of the event.

➡️ Iva Misheva is a managing partner in Web Motion - a software company that since 2009 has been helping innovative entrepreneurs to create digital innovations. Iva has 18 years of experience in software project management, marketing and business development.

➡️ Danail Petkov is the founder and managing director of NOVATOR. He has 15 years of experience in corporate finance and investment, strategic management and IT project management. He likes to work with dedicated entrepreneurs and together look for novel solutions to various technological, social, and environmental challenges.

NOVATOR's Venture Funding program helps young entrepreneurs and start-ups to structure their ideas into a comprehensive business strategy and receive funding from investors for sustainable growth.