ReCheck Selected for the Techstars Accelerator

ReCheck Selected for the Techstars Accelerator

We are excited to announce that ReCheck, supported by NOVATOR, is one of the only ten startups selected to join the ABN AMRO & Techstars Future of Finance Accelerator in spring 2021!

 The Accelerator featured over 21 recruiting events across the world in 28 days, with applications from over 50 countries. The program participants made a diverse group with founders from 20 countries and five continents. The program started on March 29th with a demo day scheduled for early July. Over the three-month course, ReCheck will be meeting hundreds of mentors, EIRs, global partners, and sponsors from the Techstars network. The selected participants are focused mainly on the following three verticals: sustainability, digital assets, and customer experience.

ReCheck aims at sustainability: Building passports for energy efficient and sustainable properties that convert real estate data into a new class of digital asset.

ReCheck is focusing efforts to develop a Building Renovation Passport (BRP) – a decentralised app to manage digitally all essential real estate data from one place. The Building Renovation Passport (BRP) acts as an online repository where homeowners and businesses create identifiers of their real estate and manage all files related to their properties. The solution supports the transition to energy-efficient buildings with low carbon use. Users of the BRP are in full control of their real estate data – all of the added items are encrypted with their identities and only the homeowners are able to access and share the stored data. The documents are digitally certified on blockchain to ensure the trustworthiness and reliability of the data. In that way, the Building Renovation Passport is a digital representation of the real estate and a new class of assets that increases the valuation of the properties. The BRP is also a tool for compliance with the EU Green Deal. It will allow users to assess the current situation of their real estate in terms of energy performance, and then make a plan for upgrades, monitor, and analyze the results. Policymakers and public institutions will be able to accelerate the renovation wave through mapping of the renovation activities and the improved transparency.

About ReCheck

ReCheck B.V. is a Dutch startup incorporated in 2017 with the mission to bring freedom and safety to the digital world via decentralised technologies. The co-founders are Emil Stoyanov (CTO) and Emil Stoyanov (CEO). In November 2020 ReCheck won a challenge for opening up the real estate sector in the biggest Dutch blockchain hackathon – Odyssey Momentum.

Our Involvement

We at NOVATOR are very proud with the progress of ReCheck for the past several months since we have been working closely together on the product’s strategic positioning, on their financial modelling, and on investor relations. We believe Techstars are a great fit coming on board of the company at this stage and we are happy for Emil and Emiliyan who wisely chose this strategic direction for ReCheck going forward.

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